danceyourheartout18 said:

Shit how do you get guys to send you them pics

It just fucking happens. Idek man.
But yeah keep em cumin….get it? Gosh I’m horrible.

Finally got the studs for my vest. Can’t wait to get off work to go work on my jacket.

Anonymous said:

wow that dick pic u decorated is huge!!!!! hahaha

I mean if that’s what you think. Kinda hard to tell. Not much to reference from. But if anyone else would like to submit dick pics be my guest. I’ll make your dick look glamorous.

Anonymous said:

how do i be cute like you?

You can’t. I’m so fucking cute there can only be me. If there was someone just as cute as me, we would have to fight to the death or the world would implode from cuteness. This is fact. Go ask a scientist.